Visit us at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo - May 9th

If you’re interested in seeing our automatic chicken door in person, we’ll be at booth # 707 at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, PA on May 9th.

Sustainability, self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness go hand-in-hand.  Chickens are one of the easiest livestock to keep in your backyard and have many benefits: 

  • Fresh eggs or poultry from healthy free-range chickens.
  • Eliminate ticks and other unwanted insects
  • High nitrogen fertilizer for your garden
  • They’re fun to watch!

With the commercial poultry under scrutiny, it’s natural to keep free range chickens in your backyard. 

One key aspect to consider when free-ranging your chickens is nighttime predators.  Forgetting or neglecting to close the coop door a single night can be devastating to your flock, whether it be 2 or 100.  Leaving the coop door open is an open invitation to all of those nighttime predators which have been waiting for the right moment to get to your chickens.  Raccoons are one of the worst nighttime predators.  They will needlessly destroy your entire flock.

Thanks to modern technology and time-honored craftsmanship, you can install one of our automatic chicken coop doors and never have to worry about closing the coop door (or opening it in the morning) again.

Our chicken coop door is made of solid 1 inch dimensional lumber.  We offer a non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood treatment which will help to protect your automatic chicken door from the elements.

Our auto chicken door controller incorporates sophisticated micro-controller technology which allows you to “program” your door operation:

  • Adjust the ambient light value which triggers door opening and closing in Dusk-Dawn mode.
  • Set Dawn and Dusk delays – up to 999 minutes.
  • Easily switch to Time Schedule control to open and close at specific times.
  • Set and adjust Freeze Protect.

Receive door status messages from your automatic chicken door!  Configure settings and view historic data graphs from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.  Our Automatic Chicken Door Internet Wi-Fi Module connects your chicken door to the Internet.

We look forward to seeing you @ the GLEPE show!

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