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Don't Let the Summer Heat Hurt Your Chickens!

Summer is here with a vengeance, and many parts of the country are experiencing record high temperatures and intense dry spells. While you may be able to retreat into an air conditioned home to cool down after doing yard work, your chickens are not as lucky. Keeping them cool is incredibly important during the summer months. Today, we’ll take a look at a few ways you can transform your yard into a chicken coop paradise. Ice Water Just like people, chickens need to stay hydrated, especially during hot days. Adding ice to their water bowls is an excellent and easy way to help them stay cool. Also, consider adding several small dishes of water around the yard. This will ensure...

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Tips for First-Time Chicken Owners

Raising chickens is a rewarding and fulfilling activity. As a first-time chicken owner, you will likely make a few mistakes along the way. We’ve put together a few tips to help you transition from first-time chicken owner to successful chicken coop manager. Elevate Your Coop We’ve seen it many times: the first time coop builder puts the henhouse directly on the ground, creating a simple frame without any flooring. Yes, leaving your coop on the ground will allow your chickens to peck at the dirt and find the occasional earthworm, but we strongly recommend raising your henhouse off the ground. Foxes, coyotes, possums, and even weasels can dig under the frame of a hen house and steal your chickens without...

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The Difference Between Free-Range, Organic, and Cage-Free Chickens

If you’ve purchased eggs recently, you’ve likely noticed an increase in options available at the supermarket. The differences between organic, free-range, and cage-free chickens can be difficult to understand with the limited amount of information available on the egg cartons. Today, we’ll examine those terms to help you better understand the ways chickens are raised before their eggs make it to the market. Organic Organic eggs come from chickens who were fed only an organic diet, free of genetically modified food and antibiotics. Many conventional chickens are given antibiotics as part of their diet to prevent infections and diseases. With organic chickens, antibiotics may only be administered if the animal has an infection. Further, added hormones to increase egg production...

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