Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Check below for answers to frequently asked questions about our coop door products and accessories.

Automatic Coop Door


How does it work?

Our automatic coop door features Dawn-to-Dusk (a.k.a. Dusk-to-Dawn) or Time Schedule based operation giving you complete flexibility.  Dawn and Dusk delays may be set and the Daylight Value which triggers the door to open and close may be adjusted using the keypad menu. Time Schedule operation open and close times may also be adjusted using the keypad menu.  The coop door automatically opens and automatically closes based on the chosen settings.

How can your automatic coop door be predator proof?

Coop Tender uses a solid steel worm drive, also known as a screw drive, mechanism which is attached directly to the door. When the door is closed, nothing can open it. It's similar in concept to a worm / screw driven garage door.

What if I need to manually open or close the coop door?

The keypad menu may be used to manually open and close your coop door.  Note that doing so will place your door into Manual Mode until you reset the door or an automated method is reactivated using the keypad menu.

Can your coop door withstand outdoor weather?

Yes. The electronics are protected within the controller enclosure at the top of the door. Any exposed wooden parts are treated with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood treatment which never needs to be reapplied. We recommend that the back of the unit ,where the AC power inlet is located, not be exposed to rain. It is normally inside of the coop when installed.

Will the door hurt any of my chickens?

No. The automatic coop door closes in about 1 minute. That gives your chickens plenty of time to make it through the door, into the coop, without harm.

Will any of my chickens be locked out of the coop?

No. First, ensure that your chickens are trained to roost in the coop at night.  They will then go into the coop each night before dark. Our automatic coop door comes pre-programmed to operate in Dusk to Dawn mode with settings which accommodate most chickens.  You can delay door closure for any chickens who might stay out later than others.

What powers your automatic chicken coop door?

Our automatic coop doors will run from Solar Energy or AC Electrical Power. For solar powered doors, solar energy is stored in the battery which comes with your solar coop door. An optional backup battery may be purchased to power your chicken coop door in the case of power outage for our AC electric powered coop door.

Can your coop door be installed inside of the coop instead of facing outside?

Yes.  You can install our door inside the coop.  If a window or skylight is installed in the coop allowing ambient light to enter, you can still use the Dusk to Dawn automatic operation method, otherwise you can set your door t operate on a schedule.  An optional Extendable Light Sensor may be ordered with your door and permits you to route the light sensor up to 12 inches from the door controller to access ambient light outside of the coop.

Internet Wi-Fi Module


Can I use an unsecure Wi-Fi network?

Yes.  Our Wi-Fi module may be used on open, unsecured Wi-Fi networks.  All data communication is done securely, regardless of the security protocol being utilized on your Wi-Fi network.

How is the Coop Door Wi-Fi module installed

The Wi-Fi module plugs into a connector which comes out of the back of the controller unit. 

Are there any monthly fees?

No.  We do not charge monthly fees for our Internet Wi-Fi Module and Universal Web App technology.

What if my wireless network goes down?

Our Coop Door Wi-Fi module will automatically attempt to reconnect until the wireless network becomes available again.  In the meantime, your automatic chicken coop door will still operate.

Do you need a home Wi-Fi network for the Wi-Fi module?

Yes.  You will need a Wi-Fi access point, Wi-Fi router or Wi-Fi hotspot with a sufficient signal to reach your chicken coop.

Does it use my mobile phone for Internet connectivity?

Your mobile phone is only used to connect your Coop Door Wi-Fi module to your wireless network for the first time. After your Internet Wi-Fi module is connected to your Wifi network, you can use any computer, tablet or mobile device with an Internet connection and Internet browser to access our Universal Web App for monitoring and managing your coop door.



Can I add the Wi-Fi module to the door later?

Yes.  When ordered with our door, the necessary connector is installed prior to shipping.  Otherwise, you will receive the connector, which is simple to install, with your Wi-Fi module.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. Our products are backed by a one year manufacturer's warranty, even on the electronic components.  

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