Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door + Solar Bundle
small coop automatic chicken door back view
small coop automatic chicken door
automatic chicken door controller
automatic chicken door controller back view
small coop automatic chicken door back
small coop automatic chicken door bottom front
small coop automatic chicken door bottom back
small coop automatic chicken door front
small coop automatic chicken door side
small coop automatic chicken door solar panel
small coop automatic chicken door battery

Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door + Solar Bundle


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Coop Tender® Internet WiFi Enabled Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door is a fusion of energy efficient micro-controller electronics, solid steel drive and time-honored wood craftsmanship. 

Suitable for medium to small chicken breeds with an adult weight of 6 pounds or less.

Automatically opens your coop door at dawn and securely closes it at dusk, or schedule door open and close times!

Programmable door controller: Program custom options, adjust settings and manually override your door.

Energy Efficient: Consumes less than 1 watt when plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Operate your door with energy from the sun.
Our Small Automatic Coop Door is constructed with solid 1 inch dimensional lumber. Indoor / Outdoor rated select grade pine lumber is treated with an environmentally safe, non-toxic treatment which lasts a lifetime and never needs to be re-applied!

At-A-Glance Status LED Lights make it easy to check the status of your coop door from a distance in the dark.

Key Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door Features:

  • Automatically Opens and Closes your Coop Door
  • Three modes of operation: Dawn-to-Dusk (A.K.A. Dusk-to-Dawn), Schedule, or Manual
  • Internet Enabled - Internet Wi-Fi module sold separately. 
  • Programmable Freeze Protect - door stays closed when it's too cold outside
  • Programmable dawn and dusk delays - delay opening and closing for any amount of time (1 minute to 10 hours).
  • Computer driven digital control eliminates frozen mechanical components in winter
  • Solid Steel Acme threaded screw drive: True door lockdown. Predators are not able to open it when it is closed.
  • Simple installation.  Slide door into cutout in coop, secure with 4 mounting screws (included).
  • Manual Control:  Open and close the door manually using the keypad menu. With the optional Wi-Fi module, use the Universal Web App remote control.
  • 1 inch dimensional lumber construction - Outdoor rated select grade pine 
  • 100% predator proof!  Have peace of mind knowing that your hens are safe at night. Door cannot be opened by raccoons, cougars, bobcats, mink, coyotes, opossums, skunks or any other nighttime predator
  • Fully assembled

Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door Specifications:

Input Voltage

85 - 264 Volts AC

AC Power consumption

1 Watt

DC Power consumption (idle)

40mA @ 12VDC

DC Power consumption (power save mode)

20mA @ 12VDC

DC Power consumption (chicken door opening or closing)

150mA-300mA @ 12VDC

Coop door opening dimensions

8 inches high x 8 inches wide

Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door cutout dimensions

20 inches high x 11 inches wide

Small Coop Automatic Chicken Door overall dimensions

20 inches high x 15 inches wide x 5 5/16 inches deep

Door Controller Dimensions 5 inches high x 13 1/2 inches wide x 5 inches deep


  • Select grade pine rated indoor/outdoor treated with non-toxic lifetime treatment
  • Brushed aluminum metal faceplate
  • 5/8 inch Solid steel Acme threaded screw drive

Drive mechanism

solid steel worm / screw drive

DC motor

12 Volts

Door opening time

<1 minute

Door closing time

<1 minute

Operating temperature

-20 to +185 ℉

Solar Operation Notes:
  1. WiFi Module consumes additional 40 milliAmps of power
  2. 15 Watt solar panel + 12 Volt 5Ah SLA battery sufficient to operate the system in most parts of the U.S.*

*See the Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map below to check average Irradiance (solar energy) available in your location. The map shows a gradient color coded chart with 9 levels of Irradiance measured in kWh/M2/Day.

If you live in a light-yellow area on the map, or the area typically receives less than 4.9 kWh/m2/day, it may be necessary to connect a second or larger battery.

NREL Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map

In the map above, the light yellow color gradient represents an area with low solar energy. The following link will take you to a PDF version of the map directly from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website:

Included in your Extra Large Automatic Chicken Door - Electric:

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Quality Precision

Precision, attention to detail and extensive testing ensure a quality, long lasting automatic chicken door.



Best Purchase EVER!!- I researched a lot of automatic coop doors before I decided on the Coop Tender, and the final decision was easy based off the options that came with it.This is the best door on the market and has made our life so much easier.Not to mention the peace of mind it offers. Being able to control and monitor the door from my phone is a game changer!!

Paula D.

Best decision to buy -Easy install. Quick shipping. Excellent customer service.Makes my life so much easier that the animals are let out in the morning and locked up in the evening, especially if I am working in the early morning/late evening or the ferry left me stranded away from home for the night. I in stalled it in May and its now September- not issues with the way it works. Well worth the money you spend!

Violetta N.

This door is the best choice!- Excellent tech support. Works like the cats meow. Has safeguarded my chickies from opossom, racoons, bobcats, foxes,The worm drive design is far superior to the draw string design.

Lester E.

Must Have!!!!- We love our new coop door! We feel safe if we are not home when it gets dark because the door closes itself. Our girls are safe we love the wfif option

Marcy W.
Los Angeles, CA

Excellent product,well made and easy to set up.

Greg S.

Excellent Chicken Coop Door System! I highly recommend this product and company.They are there for product support and stand behind their product 100%. Our coop system works great!

Tamara F.
Los Angeles, CA

Simply amazing!!!Freedom and safety equals peace of mind! Thank you Jim for your extraordinary customer support!

Cynthia P.

Excellent build quality.I love the look and solid build of this door!

Pedro R.

Keeps on tickin' after 5 years!- It's been 5 years and this door is still a workhorse. None of that flimsy string like other auto-doors. I had one of those and it lasted less than 5 months and I never knew the status. I have the WiFi module. Other than occasional maintenance, this coop door is trouble-free and reliable…Do not buy anything else!

Kristen C.
Los Angeles, CA

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