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Internet WiFi Enabled Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Coop Tender® Internet WiFi Enabled Automatic Chicken Door is a fusion of advanced energy efficient micro-controller electronics, solid steel drive and time-honored precision wood craftsmanship.
Three Modes of Operation: Dusk-to-Dawn (a.k.a. Dawn-to-Dusk), Schedule and Manual.
Programmable Door Controller: Control and program with the keypad menu interface. Comes pre-programmed to automatically operate in Dusk-to-Dawn mode.
Programmable Freeze Protect: Door stays closed on those winter days when it is dangerously cold - ensuring the safety of your poultry investment.
At-a-glance Status Lights: Check the status of your coop door from a distance in the dark.
Solid Steel Acme Screw Drive: True lockdown - Predators can't open the door.

Solar Coop Door Operation: Connect our coop door solar module to operate your coop door with energy from the sun..

The Coop Tender® Internet Wi-Fi Module: with Universal Web App™ is a combination of IoT technology and mobile optimized web app which uses the latest Internet technology allowing you to monitor and control your coop door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser.

Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Coop Door Installations:

Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Coop Door Testimonials:

This is the best product for chicken people. I absolutely love this door, I can now be away from home and still monitor my chickens. The company is excellent on customer service and support.

Candace S.

Excellent build quality. I love the look and solid build of this door!

Pedro R.

Love the Coop Tender! It works great. The chickens love it and I know they are safe at night. When I had questionsI got them answered in a timely manner.

Susan V.

This is the 3rd door that we've purchased over the many years of having chickens and thus far Coop Tender is the best. I love getting text messages when the door opens and closes. I had no way of knowing with previous doors when they failed and our girls were either locked inside or at risk of predators. I also absolutely love the worm drive mechanism that makes it impossible for even the most wily critter to open.

William B.

Simply amazing!!! Freedom and safety equals peace of mind! Thank you Jim for your extraordinary customer support!

Cynthia P.

Amazing ! Was easy to install and works flawlessly !! Love this coop door !!!

Chris S.

Nicest company - Just want you to know I think you are a great company. The product is great and service is so wonderful. It’s very refreshing in this day and age.

Carla A.

This is our second purchase of the Coop Tender automatic chicken coop door and we are just as happy as we were with the first one. We love these doors and the customer service is amazing. The quality of the door is better than we have seen in others...

Kari N.

Excellent Chicken Coop Door System! I highly recommend this product and company. They are there for product support and stand behind their product 100%. Our coop system works great!

Tamara F.

Excellent product, well made and easy to set up.

Greg S.

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