Internet WiFi Enabled Programmable Automatic Coop Door

Coop Tender® Internet WiFi Enabled Automatic Coop Door is a fusion of advanced micro-controller electronics, solid steel drive and time-honored wood craftsmanship. Automatically opens your coop door at dawn and securely closes it at dusk, or schedule open and close times!

At-a-glance Status LED Lights: Check the status of your coop door from a distance in the dark.

Programmable: Control and program using the keypad menu. Comes pre-programmed to automatically operate in Dusk-to-Dawn mode.

Solid steel Acme threaded screw drive: Durable and dependable operation - Predator Proof!

Programmable Freeze Protect: Door stays closed on those winter days when it is dangerously cold - ensuring the safety of your poultry investment.

Coop Tender Universal Web App™ to control and monitor your door + receive SMS and email status notifications from your door with the optional Coop Tender Internet Wi-Fi Module.

Solar Coop Door: Operate your door with solar power by adding the optional solar module.

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Coop Tender® System

The ultimate in safety and comfort for your poultry livestock. The Coop Tender® System provides automatic heat, ventilation, lighting, predator motion detection as well as SMS and Email alerts.

Monitored and control from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The Coop Tender® System starts with our Internet Enabled Automatic Chicken Coop Door. The Internet Wi-Fi Module gets your door connected to the Internet using your Wi-Fi connection.

Our Universal Web App provides real-time door status and temperature as well as charts for key metrics.

The Coop Accessory Control Module provides heat, ventilation and 2 sets of automatic lights. This module plugs into a standard AC electrical outlet and provides 12 volt control for lights and ventilation. Heat control automatically activates when the temperature is too cold outside. Runs up to 1,500 Watt AC electric heating.

We round out our system by providing predator motion detection and alerts with our Chicken Coop Predator Motion Detector. Automatically activates when the door is closed. Fully integrated to activate Accessory Module security light and send you an email and SMS alert.

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