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Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Coop Door is a fusion of time-honored precision wood craftsmanship, solid steel drive and ultra-sophisticated micro-controller, computer Internet of Things (Iot) technology. 

Automatically opens your coop door at dawn and securely closes it at dusk, or schedule open and close times.
Programmable Digital Poultry Freeze Protect: keeps door closed during dangerously cold temperatures.

Door operation settings are programmable using the keypad menu or Coop Tender Universal Web App over the Internet by connecting the optional Coop Door Internet WiFi Module.

Constructed with solid indoor/outdoor rated lumber - no plywood: 

At-A-Glance Status: Super Bright LED Lights make it easy to check the status of your coop door from a distance at night. |

Key Automatic Chicken Door Features:

  • Automatically Opens and Closes your Coop Door
  • AC Electric or Solar Powered (with optional solar module)
  • Programmable Door Operation: Dawn-to-Dusk (a.k.a. Dusk-to-Dawn), Schedule, or Manual. Pre-programmed to automatically operate in Dawn-to-Dusk mode.
  • Internet Enabled (Internet WiFi Radio Module sold separately): Coop Tender® Universal Web App™ gives you the freedom to monitor and control your door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser.
  • Programmable Digital Freeze Protect - door stays closed while it's dangerously cold outside the coop, ensuring the safety and comfort of your chickens.
  • Programmable Dusk and Dawn Door Delay - delay door opening and closing to accommodate special poultry behavior situations.  
  • Energy Efficient Digital Micro-Controller Technology eliminates frozen mechanical components in winter.
  • Solid Steel Acme Threaded Screw door operationTrue door lockdown. Predators are not able to open it when it is closed.
  • Simple installation.  Slide door into cutout in coop, secure with 4 mounting screws (included).
  • Solid indoor/outdoor rated lumber construction (no plywood)
  • Treated with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood treatment. (visit Wood Sealer for more information)
  • automatic chicken coop door rain guard water sealer logo
  • Fully assembled. Nothing to put together. Complete Automatic Chicken Door solution.
  • Full 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Coop Tender® products are backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty on all parts including electronics. 

    Real-time Door Status - Programming:

    The Real-time Coop Door Status Display cycles through key information and displays it in an easy to read format:

    • Date and Time
    • Coop Temperature
    • Operating Voltage)
    • Ambient Daylight Value (0-total darkness to 1024-sunlight shining on sensor)
    • Door Control Settings
    • Freeze Protect Settings
    • Door Status

    Programming Mode:

    Display screen provides the interface for controlling and programming your door with the keypad. 

    Press a number to activate the Coop Tender Menu. Press [2]-Up, [8]-Down, [6]-Select and [4]-Back to navigate the keypad menu.

    Coop Tender Keypad Menu navigation diagram

    When programming a setting, numbers are used for numerical input.  

    Pressing [#] or entering programming mode will turn on the display backlight to enhance readability, especially at night.

    Coop Tender Keypad Menu flow diagram:

    Coop Tender Keypad Menu flow diagram

    Programmable Digital Freeze Protect:  Door stays closed on those winter days when it is dangerously cold out.  Freeze Protect may be configured to keep the door closed based on any temperature and may be disabled if desired.  

    Pre-programmed to keep door closed if temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-7 degrees Celsius).

    Programmable Dawn / Dusk delays: allow fine tuning automatic door operation in Dusk to Dawn mode.Comes pre-programmed with a 10 minute Dusk Delay to give your chickens a little more time to get into the coop to roost before closing.  If you have a chicken which stays out a little later, you can increase the delay to accommodate her.  

    If you know that you have a nighttime predator, or a dog which is out soon after dawn, you can program a Dawn Delay to delay door opening in the morning for any number of minutes to help keep your chickens safe.

    Programmable Door Operation: Choose from 3 modes of operation:

    • Dusk to Dawn (a.k.a. Dawn to Dusk) 
    • Schedule
    • Manual

    Door comes pre-programmed to operate in Dusk to Dawn door operation.  The digital micro-controller reads Daylight Value from a light sensor located above the keypad and uses the information along with the programmed settings to determine when to open and close the coop door.

    A real time digital clock keeps time for Scheduled Operation. A CR2032 battery is installed to maintain the date and time when power is not available, ensuring that your door still operates based on the correct time after power is restored.

    Internet Wi-Fi Enabled Chicken Door:

    Connecting the Coop Tender® Internet WiFi Radio Module to your door takes coop management to the next level.

    Monitor and Control your door from anywhere in the world with a web browser and Internet connection

    Program Door Control settings - great for changing open and close times if you are using a time based schedule

    View key door metric charts
        Ambient Light
        Door Status
        Battery Charge
    Real time coop door status
        Door Status
        Coop Temperature
        Door Control Mode
    Receive SMS and email alerts
        Door status changes (Opening, open, closing and closed)
        Battery voltage warnings

    Coop Tender® Universal Web App™: Monitor, program and control your door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser.
    The Universal Web App provides the same interface and experience regardless of your device platform (iPhone, iPad, Android device, smartphone, tablet, notebook, PC, MAC - whatever).  All you need is an Internet connection and browser to securely access, monitor and control your door.
    Universal Web App Sign in screen mobile Coop Tender Universal Web App Sign in tablet device Coop Tender Universal Web App Sign in PC MAC device

    Check Door Status, Temperature and Door Operation Mode - Remotely Control your doors with the press of a button.

    Coop Tender Universal Web App Home Page
    Downloadable Key Coop Door Metrics Charts: Door Status, Daylight Value, Temperature and system Voltage give you key insights into environmental and system operating parameters.
    Coop Tender Auto Coop Door Universal Web App door status chart Coop Tender Auto Coop Door Universal Web App daylight value chart
    Coop Tender Auto Coop Door Universal Web App coop temperature chart Coop Tender Auto Coop Door Universal Web App system voltage chart

    Control your door and send programming updates with user friendly screens (consistent across all devices):

    Coop Tender Automatic Coop Door Universal Web App remote programming Coop Tender Automatic Coop Door Universal Web App remote programming date control

    A Cloud Service Subscription is required for each Internet Wi-Fi Module which operates on the Coop Tender® IoT (Internet of Things) network infrastructure.

    First year is free with the purchase of an Internet Wi-Fi Module and any automatic chicken door bundle which includes an Internet Wi-Fi Module.

    After the first year, cost is $20 / year.

    Energy Efficient - Solar Chicken Door Operation:

    Our coop door controller is designed to be highly energy efficient, permitting operation by using solar power from the sun.

    At its core, Coop Tender Auto Coop Door runs on 12 Volts DC.  Our door controllers come standard capable of running from standard household AC electricity, or from a 12 Volt DC power source.

    An AC to DC power converter is built into our coop door controllers which converts your AC electricity to DC voltage.  The AC power consumption is highly efficient at 1 Watt. DC power consumption is less than 50 milliAmps at 12 volts DC.

    Battery Backup: Install a 12 Volt 5 Amp-hour SLA DC Battery in the door controller - should electric power fail, the battery will run your door for about 5 days, until your electricity is restored.

    A battery charger / maintainer is built into our coop door controllers. When AC power is restored, the backup battery is recharged. 

    Solar Operation: Connecting a solar panel allows for Coop Door operation without AC electricity. A 15 Watt solar panel combined with the backup battery above will run your door without AC electricity.  The solar panel will provide power even in low-light situations until full sunlight is available.  Three to four hours of sunlight per day is sufficient to charge and maintain the battery during solar door operation.

    [semi-technical] DC power consumption is highly efficient at less than 50 milliamps.  If system voltage gets low, the door controller will go into power save mode which utilizes about 20 milliamps, preserving power until enough sunlight is available to recharge.

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    Physical characteristics:

    On the outside: Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Doors are solid and durable to last many years

    • Solid 1 inch indoor/outdoor rated lumber makes this coop door extremely durable.
    • Quality, precision wood craftsmanship: functional and aesthetically pleasing.
    • Treated with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly wood treatment* - never needs to be reapplied.
    • May be finished to your liking by applying a non-toxic, water based exterior grade paint or stain.
    On the inside: Coop Tender® is a combination of advanced computer micro-controller technology and simple physics.
    • Quality micro-controller firmware ensures dependable, no-worry operation day after day.
    • Micro-controller electronic technology minimizes power usage and long-term operating cost and dependability.
    • High torque gear motor provides plenty of power to reliably and automatically open and close your coop door each day.
    • 5/8 inch solid steel Acme thread screw drive - predators can't open the door when it is closed, no matter how hard they try..
    A mounting panel extends 2 inches beyond each side of the coop door unit.  This extension allows for easy mounting with screws to your existing coop doorway or cutout. 

    The mounting panel may be seen in the diagram of our auto chicken door below:  The board which is 17 1/2 " (inches) wide is the mounting panel.
    Coop Tender® is suitable for any poultry which return to the coop at dusk to roost. 

    Automatic Coop Door Specifications:

    Input Voltage

    85 - 264 Volts AC (Electric Operation)

    12 - 19 Volts DC (Solar Operation)

    AC Power consumption

    1 Watt

    DC Power Consumption (idle)

    40mA @ 12VDC

    DC Power Consumption (power save mode)

    20mA @ 12VDC

    DC Power Consumption (chicken door opening or closing)

    150mA-300mA @ 12VDC

    Max Charging Power


    Coop Door Opening Size

    Standard: CT-003 10" W x 10" H
    Large: CT-004 12" W x 12" H
    X-tra Large: CT-005 15" W x 15" H
    Certified Humane: CT-007 21" W x 18" H

    Coop Cutout Size

    Standard: CT-003 13 1/2" W x 26 1/2" H
    Large: CT-004 15" W x 30.5" H
    X-tra Large: CT-005 17.5" W x 34.25" H
    Certified Humane: CT-007 24" W x 41 1/2" H


    • Solid indoor/outdoor rated lumber - treated with RainGuard non-toxic wood sealer
    • Brushed aluminum metal faceplate
    • 5/8 inch Solid steel Acme threaded screw drive

    Drive mechanism

    Solid steel worm / screw drive

    DC Gearmotor

    12-24 Volts

    4.8 in-lbs torque

    90 RPM

    Door opening time

    ~1 to 4 minutes

    Door closing time

    ~1 to 4 minutes

    Operating temperature

    -20 to +185 ℉

    Coop Doors by Opening Size


    10 in. x 10 in.


    12 in. x 12 in.

    Extra Large

    15 in. x 15 in.

    Certified Humane

    21 in. x 18 in.

    Small Chicken Breeds: Bantams

    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark

    All Standard Chicken Breeds

    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark

    Large Chickens: Brahma, Jersey Giants, Cochin, etc.

    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark


    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark

    Turkeys (up to 20 lbs)

    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark


    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark

    Large Turkeys, Peacocks, and other large birds.

    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark
    automatic chicken door size comparison checkmark

    Protect your investment:

    Whether you are raising poultry for eggs or meat, there are costs involved.  On average, it costs up to $25 per month to raise one chicken2.  Annualized, that becomes up to $300 to raise and feed one chicken for one year.  If you feed your poultry organically, then your costs could be even higher.

    If a predator should happen to get to your flock, losing a single chicken has a negative financial impact.  Hopefully it is not a raccoon who gets your chickens - they tend to wastefully destroy the entire flock.  

    Forgetting or neglecting to close the chicken coop door just one night will provide an open invitation to all of your night-time predators.  Coop Tender automatic chicken door easily pays for itself by keeping all of your poultry safely locked in the coop each night.

    Coop Tender® always remembers to open and close your coop door - keeping your poultry investment safe and secure.

    Safe, Happy Hens - without the hassle:

    Imagine collecting free-range chicken eggs or raising free-range poultry for meat without the need to open and close the coop door every day.

    Coop Tender can be installed in almost any chicken coop.

    Simple installation
     Screw the unit to your existing coop door opening or cutout and turn it on.

    Anyone who raises free-range chickens knows the challenges of predators, especially at night when your hens are roosting.

    • Have you ever forgotten to close the coop door at night
    • Have you ever wanted to sleep just a little bit longer before heading out to open the coop door, especially on those rainy or cold winter mornings
    • Wouldn't it be nice to visit with neighbors, friends and family a little longer, knowing your hens are safe with the coop door closed?
    • Stuck in traffic on your way home and it's getting dark?  Coop Tender will close your coop for you.

    Most importantly, Coop Tender® is Predator Proof.  Have peace of mind knowing that your hens are safe at night. The automatic chicken door mechanism cannot be opened by raccoons, cougars, bobcats, mink, coyotes, opossums, skunks or any other nighttime predator. Bears can't even open the coop door!

    Predators are the #1 cause of free-range chicken mortality. A recent study by the University of Minnesota shows that nearly 80% of all cause-specific losses of chickens are directly related to predators 1. That’s more than diseases, external parasites and mismanagement. Anyone who has lost chickens to predators can tell you how emotional it is, especially if you hatched and raised the chicks yourself.  You certainly develop a bond with them.

    Coop Tender uses a 5/8 inch solid steel Acme threaded screw drive mechanism which is attached directly to the door similar to a screw driven garage door.  When the door is closed, nothing can open it.

    Imagine safe, happy hens with no need to open and close the chicken door each day!  Your hens will be happy and will love you even more...  They will be out at dawn when the choicest insects, bugs and worms are out.  Your chickens would love to be the “early bird”. At the end of the day, after returning to the coop to roost, your hens will feel safe because Coop Tender is keeping the predators out.

    You'll have more time to do the things that you want:

    • Spend more quality time with friends, family and neighbors
    • Continue working on that special project
    • Take a vacation

    ...all with peace of mind that your chickens are safely closed in the coop at night.

    Automatic Chicken Door Design concept:

    Coop Tender Automatic Chicken Coop Door was designed from the ground-up to ensure worry-free automatic chicken door operation with features that allow you to take full control of your chicken door.

    Our Automatic Chicken Coop Door uses the same micro-controller automation technology driving thousands of devices spanning home, business and industrial applications.  

    We avoided what our research uncovered as a relatively weak point in many other chicken coop door designs.  Of all the components which are likely to fail, drive mechanisms using pulleys and string or cable exhibited relatively high failure rates.  We believe in the concept of keeping it simple.  Our coop door drive mechanism consists of a high torque, low power permanent magnet gear motor attached to a custom manufactured 5/8 inch solid steel Acme threaded worm / screw drive.  This, in turn is connected directly to the door.  There is only one moving part to automatically open and close the coop door, eliminating multiple, potential failure points.

    We also avoided the second most prominent weak point in many other chicken door designs, mechanical timers.  Our system is digitally driven with electronic components certified to temperatures from -20° F to  185° F.  Coop Tender will continue to operate your door when others fail due to sub-freezing temperatures.

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    Where do the profits go?:

    We're a big fan of humanely treated livestock. 1% of all proceeds are donated to Certified Humane Raised & Handled 

    80% of the cost goes directly to parts and labor.  About 18% goes to business expenses such as marketing, utilities and supplies.

    Below you should see a chart which illustrates how the average cost (price) of one of our automatic chicken coop doors is allocated.  

    automatic chicken coop door cost distribution chart

    We could easily charge more for our door if financial gain was our motive. We simply wish to offer our product at a highly competitive price so that our customers may benefit from our work with advanced automation and Internet technology.

    Parts are the greatest portion of the price.  Each one of our coop door openers has over 200 individual parts. Over 150 of those parts are electronics related.  We purchase our coop door parts in volume so we pay a lower price.  We pass those savings directly to our customers.

    Automatic Chicken Door Videos:

    Automatic Chicken Door Closing


    Automatic Chicken Door Opening


    Coop Door Closing - Universal Web App

    Coop Door Opening - Universal Web App


    Automatic Chicken Door Installations:

    Coop Tender® System:

    The Coop Tender® System provides the ultimate in comfort and safety for your poultry livestock.  The Coop Tender® System modules are driven by the Coop Tender Internet Wi-Fi Module.  

    The Coop Tender® System includes three modules:

    Each module may be added to your coop system at any time.  Start with the Internet Wi-Fi module which is necessary in order to add the Accessory Controller or Predator Motion detector.

    All system components may be monitored and controlled from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser in the Coop Tender Universal Web App.

    automatic chicken coop door coop management system


    View Print and Download Owner Manuals online:


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    Solid Design Concept

    Brought to life