The Benefits of Installing an Automatic Door in Your Chicken Coop

If you're a chicken owner, you know how important it is to keep your feathered friends safe and happy. One way to make their lives easier and yours more efficient is by installing an automatic door in your chicken coop.

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Backyard Poultry Review Clarifications

Here at Coop Tender® headquarters, we feel honored to have our automatic chicken door system reviewed by Backyard Poultry and compared with other top chicken doors.

We value Jeremy’s evaluation and believe that it would be beneficial to add some clarification to a few of his observations. This post fulfills that belief.

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Introducing: Coop Tender® Cloud Services Subscription.

Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Door has migrated to a service subscription business model for its Internet Wi-Fi Module with Universal Web App™ product.

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Extra Large Automatic Chicken Door Released

Coop Tender has released an Extra-Large Automatic Chicken Door. Learn about it and compare with the original and large automatic chicken doors before you buy.

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Automatic Chicken Door Pricing Rollback

When many manufacturers and retailers are increasing their prices for the holiday season, Coop Tender Automatic Chicken Doors is rolling prices back.

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