DIY Automatic Chicken Coop Door Parts

Get a head start and save some time building your automatic chicken coop door with our parts and pre-built assemblies.

Order a replacement part for your existing automatic chicken door. All parts come with instructions for simple DIY replacements.

There are three key components to an automatic chicken coop door.

  • Physical Door and Frame: Provide an opening during the day and solid entrance barrier at night.
  • Door Drive Mechanism: How the door will be operated to open and close the entrance
  • Door Controller and Associated Hardware: The coop door brains which determine when to open and close the door, but also to activate the Door Drive Mechanism to do so. Associated Hardware includes wire, connectors, power, etc.

In an ideal solution, each of the 3 components will work together to provide a durable operating experience. Physical dimensions, precise construction, door drive mechanism and electronics working together within designed specifications to provide a durable, long lasting solution.

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