From Concept to Reality

Designed and Built from the Ground Up

We are a family owned business.  Each of us work to deliver the highest quality, most advanced automatic coop door and coop management products on the market.

"We began to add gardening and small livestock to our property in an effort to become more self-sufficient.  Chickens were the first livestock addition.  They're adorable and fun to watch.  More importantly, they provide many benefits such as eggs, meat and nutrients for your garden.

We lost 2 flocks of chickens to raccoons.  Raccoons are pretty much everywhere and they tend to destroy as many chickens as they can if they get access to them.  Both times, we forgot to close the chicken door, or the door was not closed securely enough.

Losing your chickens is not fun.  And, if you consider the costs involved to raise your chickens, it is not good financially to continue replacing your flock.

I knew that there had to be a way to automatically open and close the coop, so I did some searching on Google.-Jim

After reviewing numerous automatic chicken coop door products, it became apparent that a new automatic chicken coop door needed to be created.

The vision: A WiFi Internet connected automatic chicken coop door which can operate with solar power, open and close at dawn and dusk, open and close based on a schedule and help protect chickens in the winter.

The resultCoop Tender® Internet WiFi Enabled Automatic Coop Door.

Our team went through numerous designs, prototypes and sleepless nights to develop our automatic chicken coop door.

There were challenges. The biggest one was packing all of the desired firmware code into the limited amount of firmware memory on the micro-controller chip. Overcoming this challenge required a number of computer code refactoring cycles to make the code as efficient and compact as possible. We worked at the lowest level of software and micro-controller technology to deliver a product which is unparalleled in the marketplace. We felt that the features we were striving for were essential to any automatic chicken coop door.

Another unique aspect of our coop doors is the use of a solid steel Acme threaded worm / screw drive.  It works on a similar principle as a screw driven garage door.  The key benefit of this type of drive mechanism is that nothing can open the door when it is closed.  Not even bears.

We believe that we have designed the automatic chicken coop door of the future, and it is here now. 

Our automatic chicken door Wi-Fi module has revolutionized the way you interact with your livestock management devices. You can directly monitor and control your automatic coop door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser. Just as important, receive email and sms notifications from your door!

Our engineering staff boasts experienced professionals in electrical and software engineering in addition to talented computer technology infrastructure design and implementation resources with collective experience of more than 30 years delivering high-quality technology solutions.

We use sustainable, natural resources to produce our automatic chicken coop doors. This ensures that we are not stripping the natural resources of our Mother Earth.

We design our electronic circuit boards with the ability to accept firmware upgrades. This allows for future desirable features to be available.  We do our best to ensure that the product we deliver can be upgraded in the future without destruction of natural resources and landfill pollution.

We use local resources when possible. Our worm / screw drives are manufactured by a company located within 5 miles of our manufacturing facility. We manufacture and assemble each one of our products in the USA. As we grow, we are creating jobs in our region to help those in need of additional income.

Why would we do this? It is our belief that automation will become more and more important as it allows us, as a human species, to evolve and reap the benefits of our true nature. In this way, our goal is to provide products that give you more time to enjoy life, nature, and the world around us.

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