Automatic Chicken Coop Door and Bundles


    Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Coop Door simplifies your chicken coop management efforts by automatically opening and securely closing your coop.  

    Suitable for standard, exotic and heritage backyard chicken breeds. For large chicken breeds such as Brahma, Jersey Giant, and Cochin, consider our Large Automatic Chicken Coop DoorAdvanced technology and durable, predator proof construction including a solid steel screw / worm drive make this the best automatic coop door you can buy.

    This is a complete automatic chicken door system and includes door frame, door and advanced technology door controller. Additionally, it's Internet Wi-Fi Enabled, so you can monitor and control your door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and browser with the optional Automatic Chicken Coop Door Internet Wi-Fi Module which includes an advanced Universal Web App.

    Select the base model which is AC electric powered and includes the advanced Internet Wi-Fi enabled door controller technology, or a pre-packaged bundle and save on your automatic chicken door and coop management accessories.