Internet Wi-Fi Cloud Service Subscriptions


    Internet WiFi Cloud Services are technology used in back-end systems which enables seamless integration and access to your automatic chicken door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and web browser.

    Each of the Cloud Service partners below provide an integral aspect to the Coop Tender® Internet Wi-Fi Module’s key features and benefits.

    Microsoft Azure

    • Universal Web App™ hosting
    • SQL Server data storage and management

    Particle IoT (Internet of Things)

    • Wi-Fi radio module allocation and hosting
    • Data services (inbound and outbound data requests)


    • Telnyx – SMS alert Messaging
    • MailGun – email alert messaging

    Cloud Services for your automatic chicken coop door enables control, monitoring and alerts which ultimately helps to ensure the safety of your flock.

  • SMS and email door status and alert notifications
  • Key Metric data storage
    • Wi-Fi signal strength
    • Door status
    • Power / battery voltage
    • Coop temperature
    • Ambient daylight value
  • Data access and transmission
    • Key Metric historic data
    • Real-time metrics and data
  • Universal Web App™
    • Mobile Optimized – access from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection and browser.
    • Remote Door Programming and settings maintenance
    • Remote Door Operation
    • Key Metric charts
  • An Internet Cloud Service Subscription is required for each Internet Wi-Fi Module which operates on the Coop Tender® IoT Network.

    The first year is free with the purchase of an Internet Wi-Fi Module and any automatic chicken door bundle which includes an Internet Wi-Fi Module.

    Learn more about Cloud Service Subscriptions.

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