Chicken Coop Accessory and Heat Control Module

Automatically controls two sets of lights, ventilation and heat in your coop.  Connects through the Coop Tender Internet Wi-Fi Module to allow full control of your coop accessories through the Internet!

Hen Light and Coop / Security Light:

Each light automatically switches on based on the ambient light value reported by Coop Tender or by Schedule.  Light stays on for the duration set in the web app.

  • Winter hen laying light
  • Security Light
  • Inside coop evening ambient lighting
  • Outside coop evening ambient lighting

Coop Ventilation:

Controls ventilation fan power when coop temperature is too warm giving your hens the comfort they deserve.

Ventilation fans are automatically turned on when the coop temperature rises above the temperature configured via the CT Internet Wi-Fi Web App. 

Coop Heat:

Controls up to 1500 Watts AC electric heaters or water deicers to protect your livestock from dangerously freezing temperatures in the winter.

Heat is automatically turned on when the coop temperature falls below the temperature configured via the CT Internet Wi-Fi Web App.  

100% solid state - no mechanical relays which are pone to failure over time are used.



7 1/2” L x 4” W x 2 1/2” H

Case material Industrial Aluminum

Input Voltage

90-264 Volts AC

Output Voltage

12 Volts DC (LIght and Fan Control)

90-264 Volts AC (Heat Control)

Max Light Circuit Power 10 Watts / 1500 mA per circuit @ 12 VDC
Max Vent Fan Power 10 Watts / 1500 mA @ 12 VDC
Max Heater Power 1500 Watts / 10 Amps @ 120 VAC



Accessories are not included

Suggestions for your accessories:

Coop Light:

Each light circuit can drive 10 Watts of 12 Volt LED lighting.  These lights generally have light output comparable to a 50 to 100 Watt halogen bulb.  No need to worry about the light being too bright as you may dim the light through the Accessory Control Module settings in the CT Wi-Fi Web App.

Coop Light Suggestions:

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Coop Ventilation Fan:

Fans can be a little tricky to choose. The fans below may be purchased on These fans provide good air flow for the amount of power they use. You can hook up at least two of these fans to the Accessory Control Module's Vent Fan circuit - up to four of the 72.3 CFM fans!

Coop Ventilation Fan Suggestions:

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Coop Heater:

You may use any AC Electrical Powered Heater(s) with a maximum combined power of 1,500 Watts (about 10 Amps).

Coop Heater Suggestions:

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Great product

Great product! Interface is nice, setup was easy, and I am building another enclosure for other game bird types with plans to use the precise functionality of the features. Well done Coop tender!

Stephen L.
United States

Great add-on

Love the capabilities. Working flawless so far. Attached two heating panels (attached to wall in coop - well below max watt/amp draw) set to 40F. Have. It used the fan/light option. For lights I use Philips Hue. Will add fans next summer and maybe a mini AC for the coop.

J. Malte Stoeckhert
United States United States

Technology in my coop!

I had the WiFi door installed in my new chicken coop. After using the door for a short time, which works great, I decided I wanted the whole automation package. The lights and motion detector work great. I haven’t yet used the heat control feature, and probably won’t use the fan control. When cold weather arrives, I will have two infrared heaters hooked up to it. I purchased the door through Amazon, but wish I would have purchased directly through Coop Tender, as they have several options for setting up the door. The reason I purchased this door over the other brands was because of the automation available, and the quality of the door itself. This door is very solid, and operates with a worm drive, not a string and pulley. Very sturdy design. My only minor issue with all of the products is the two week shipping time. This would be an issue if a replacement part was needed. Overall, very happy with the Accesory module, and the door itself.

Tanya G.
United States

Extra peace of mind!

The motion detector is a great product. The small flashing red lights on it probably won’t scare away a predator, but getting a text message alerting me to a possible predator really eases my mind. My only issue with the product is that I can’t get the security light to turn on when the motion detector is activated. I have everything installed correctly, and installation was fairly easy. It’s not that big of an issue as my security light is motion activated. Provides peace of mind! I wish you still offered the coop camera, though.

Tanya G.

Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Coop Tender

For the security light function, be sure to enable Security Light under the Predator Motion settings in the Web App. Although domestic animals and pets are not likely to be deterred by the red flashing lights, nighttime predators feel unsafe when confronted with red flashing lights, especially if they mimic two eyes of a predator. Our Predator Motion Detector only activates red flashing lights if an infrared heat source such as a predator triggers the alarm. This can be much more effective at deterring the potential predator than lights that are continuously flashing red.

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