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Benefits of an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Helping you manage your livestock and giving you the peace of mind you need.

If you have been raising chickens for years, you understand the hassle of waking up early to let them out, the worry of making sure they are protected, and the frustration of being home in time to close the coop. If you are new to the chicken world, welcome! You’ll soon find that an automatic chicken coop door is the best way to ensure your girls are safe and secure while making your life easier. Coop Tender® is a revolutionary product that is raising the bar in the chicken coop door industry, and these are a few of the ways you can benefit from our automatic chicken doors.

Happy, Healthy Chickens

Not only do free range chickens have access to nutritious vegetation, but they are able to enjoy dirt baths, fresh air, sunlight, and many other benefits of the outdoors, which all reduce the stress experienced by cooped chickens. In addition, free range chickens are able to live out their nature to the fullest by foraging and flapping their wings. All of these qualities together make for happier, healthier chickens, which in turn gives you healthier eggs and meat.

Safety Comes First

Unfortunately, in order for you to have free range chickens, you need to let them out of their coop when the sun rises and lock them in for the night to protect them from predators such as dogs, raccoons, foxes, owls, coyotes, and others. Even rats can pose a threat to roosting chickens left unguarded. Our chicken coop door is designed to be durable, functional, and highly effective at protecting your chickens from predators, meaning both you and your chickens can sleep better at night.

Protecting Your Investment

Predators not only threaten your chickens’ lives, they threaten your financial investment. According to “Backyard Chickens,” one chicken costs around $300 per year to raise. Whether you are raising your chickens for meat or eggs, that is a big investment, and one raccoon could kill the entire flock in one night. With our automatic chicken coop door, you no longer have to wonder whether you closed the door at night; you know that your chickens (and your investment) are protected every night.

Our Durable Coop Door Design

Our automatic chicken coop door was designed by livestock owners who built the system from the ground up because they couldn’t find another product on the market that provided them with the automation they wanted and the heavy-duty construction they needed. Made up of only one moving part, which is gear motor driven, there is less opportunity for the system to break down or malfunction. The addition of an advanced digital electronic door controller gives you the versatility you need, whether you want your door to rise and fall with the sun, or whether you want to specify certain times for it to open and close.

With our automatic chicken coop door, you get to wake up refreshed, come home late, and feel confident knowing your chickens are protected and living a healthy, happy life. Our solar-powered features, remarkable design concept, and Wi-Fi enabled capabilities all make our coop doors Top Rated National® for durability and functionality. Get yours today.

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