Smiling girl holding a white chicken.

5 Reasons Chickens Make Great Pets

While it may not be practical to keep cows, goats, and other large animals in your backyard, adding a chicken coop can be a simple way to introduce your family to urban farming. Your backyard chickens will have no surprise antibiotics or questionable contaminants from processing plants. Best of all, you’ll find that chickens can be entertaining companions. Here are a few reasons you should consider starting a chicken coop today:

  • Chickens are social creatures and often enjoy human interaction. They don’t mind being picked up and held and often are able to be trained to come when called.
  • Just like dogs and cats, chickens have individual personalities, each with their own likes and dislikes. As you get to know your chickens, you’ll start to see which ones love to follow you around the yard and which ones prefer hanging out in the shade, relaxing.
  • When you keep chickens at home, you’ll have a steady supply of fresh eggs without having to head to the grocery store. While keeping chickens is not without some financial investment, the production of eggs can significantly offset that cost.
  • Chicken coops will need to be cleaned regularly, but this can be a great benefit for frequent gardeners. Chicken manure is a fantastic fertilizer that won’t damage the environment with synthetic chemicals.
  • When allowed to roam the yard, chickens will help reduce the amount of insects plaguing your plants. They’re far from picky eaters and have been known to consume slugs, beetles, grasshoppers, and other pests that damage your garden.

When you start a backyard chicken coop, you’re making an investment in the future of your birds and your home. Chickens are relatively simple to take care of and an automatic chicken coop door will make them even easier to look after. Why worry about heading outside to lock your chickens up every night? With our chicken coop door, you’ll be able to open and close the coop with your smartphone.

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