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Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Zeitgeist Principles

"the society today has become increasingly detached from the physical world, with techniques of production, distribution and social ordering that have little to no relationship to the environment, or the current state of scientific knowledge with respect to public health and sustainability." 1

Most commercial product manufacturers today are required to generate profits for their investors.  Under this scenario, it is impossible to provide a product which does not become obsolete almost immediately (planned obsolescence).  The manufacturing process itself is often non-sustainable in these scenarios.

We are a privately owned company with no outside investors.  We have always strived to grow the business organically.  This allows us to make decisions based on our customer’s needs and not investor’s needs.

We use sustainable natural resources to produce our automatic chicken door to the greatest extent possible.  This ensures wise utilization of Mother Earth's natural resources.  Our solar operated automatic coop door runs without using any electricity.  Although, power consumption while plugged in is extremely minimal at less than 4 watts.

We designed the electronics such that the firmware may be updated as new desirable features are made available.  We design and work to allow “backwards compatibility” for our electronics components if a firmware update is not feasible.  This means that instead of disposing of your old door and purchasing a new one, your existing door can be upgraded. While there may be a functional or feature update which may not be supportable on the current devices in the future, we maintain focus on ensuring that the product we deliver can be upgraded with minimal impact on natural resources and landfill pollution.

Our doors are constructed using sustainably harvested natural wood.  Should any part of the door ever need to be replaced many years after you have installed it, we'll promptly send a replacement, or another part may be easily produced by anybody with basic woodworking skills.  We will happily share the chicken coop door designs with our customers upon request.  We only ask that you don’t exploit our work.  We do this in an effort to permit self-sufficiency and sustainability.  

We use a non-toxic natural wood treatment which is made from plant extracts.  It will not harm livestock or soil.  This is much safer than pressure treated wood which may leach chemicals into the soil or harm your livestock.  Pressure treated wood often requires special disposal due to the chemical makeup of the treatment.

We use local resources when possible. Our Acme threaded worm / screw drives are manufactured by a company located within 5 miles of our manufacturing facility. We manufacture and assemble each one of our products in the USA. As we grow, we are creating jobs in our region to help those in need of additional income.

Why would we do this? It is our belief that automation will become more and more important to allow us, as a human species to evolve and reap the benefits of our true Nature.  If you have an interest in automation to assist in a more sustainable lifestyle, we would love to transform your spark of interest into a flame of knowledge.

Our goal is to provide products and services which allow you to take more time to enjoy Life, Nature, plants and animals.

Where do the profits go?:

1% of all proceeds are donated to Certified Humane Raised & Handled .

80% of the cost goes directly to parts and labor.  About 18% goes to business expenses such as marketing, utilities and supplies.

Below you should see a chart which illustrates how the average cost (price) of one of our automatic chicken coop doors is allocated.  

automatic chicken coop door cost distribution chart

We could easily charge more for our door if financial gain was our motive. We simply wish to offer our product at a highly competitive price so that our customers may benefit from our work with advanced automation technology.

Parts are the greatest portion of the price.  Each one of our chicken door openers has over 200 individual parts. Over 150 of those parts are electronics related.  We purchase our coop door parts in volume so we pay a lower price.  We pass those savings directly to our customers.


1 "Frequently Asked Questions." TZM. N.p., n.d. Web. 01 Aug. 2015.

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