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7 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Safe

Keeping your chickens safe is one of our top priorities at Coop Tender. That’s why we put so much effort into designing an automatic chicken coop door, built to keep your chickens in and the predators out. If you’re like us, you let your chickens roam the yard during the day. While this does wonders for their morale, it places them at risk to predators. Here are a few tips to keep your chickens safe outside the coop.

Know the Local Predators

Predators vary based on your location and proximity to urban areas, but hawks, owls, and raccoons are common just about everywhere. Knowing what predators are most prevalent in your area will give you an idea of the signs to look for and can give you insight into the types of precautions you should take around the coop.

Block Access

Keeping your chickens in a fenced area will protect them from predators like foxes and coyotes, but it’s not invulnerable. Routinely check the perimeter for weak areas. Missing boards, holes in the wire, and dug-out areas are all places predators can enter through. Even small holes can put your chickens at risk from predation by weasels and snakes.

Pick Up the Eggs

Collecting eggs can become quite the chore, but clearing out the coop daily will keep your chickens safe from intruders looking to steal the eggs. Often, predators only break into the coop to get the eggs, but end up hurting your hens in the process. Collecting the eggs on a daily basis removes the temptation from possible predators.

Use Light

Hanging reflective things like old CDs and even rear-view hanging disco balls from the branches in your yard can help deter predators. Bright, flashing light can discourage predators from entering your yard as it gives the illusion of more activity in the area. This technique is particularly useful against hawks. Further, hanging reflective objects in your yard can entertain your chickens. If you see them pecking at the objects, don’t worry. In their minds, they’re just toys.

Add a Rooster

While roosters aren’t necessary to encourage your hens to lay eggs, they can be fantastic additions to coop security. Roosters are territorial and protective. They’ll happily challenge any predator to keep their hens safe from harm.

Let Your Dog in the Pen

Acclimating your dog to your chickens is a good idea for a number of reasons. If your dog views the chickens as part of the family, so to speak, they’ll protect them from predators. However, even the most docile dog can ward off foxes and raccoons simply due to their scent. Many predators run away when they smell a dog, letting your hens roam the yard in peace and safety.

Install an Automatic Chicken Coop Door

Letting your chickens roam during the day is great for their health and happiness. However, to keep them safe, it’s best to secure them in their coop at night. Most chickens will naturally gravitate towards the coop as the sun sets, and our automatic coop doors let you set a schedule for them without having to manually open and close the door twice a day. Simply set the time that you’d like your coop to close for the day, and our system does the rest. In the morning, enjoy your coffee in peace. Our system will open the door at the time you set.

At Coop Tender, we believe your chickens deserve the best. We hope these tips help you improve your protection efforts around your coop. If you have any questions regarding our automatic coop doors, or any of our accessory packages, please contact us. We’ll help you find the right solution for your coop!

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