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Automatic Chicken Door Pricing Rollback

While many manufacturers and retailers are increasing prices prior to the holiday season, Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Doors has rolled prices back.

Automatic Chicken Doors and Automatic Turkey – Large Chicken Doors have dropped in price by as much as 14%. Now is the time to automate your chicken coop door at 2019 prices.

Brief History of the 2020 price increase

There were several factors which worked to trigger a price increase in 2020.

  1. Lumber prices skyrocketed and availability waned. The select grade lumber which is used in Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Doors doubled in price. The cost of a select grade 1"x12"x8' board increased from about $35 to over $70.
  2. Increased demand [due to the pandemic?] required additional labor to fulfill orders in a reasonable time frame.
  3. Cost increases and availability issues for electronic parts such as micro-controllers and WI-fi connectivity modules minimized manufacturing capacity.

What has changed since the price increase?

Over the past few months, lumber prices have stabilized.

Demand has also reverted to pre-pandemic levels which has reduced additional labor requirements.

The micro-controller shortage, which is affecting numerous industries including auto makers, is still a concern. After prices increased, the micro-controllers used in their automatic chicken door controller were no longer available, with availability estimates going into 2022.

Coop Tender® mitigated the issue by updating the electronics and firmware to use a different variation of the micro-controller and invested in inventory. The goal was to invest in enough micro-controllers to ride out the shortage.

Coop Tender® is also investing in larger quantities when purchasing parts to take advantage of higher volume discounts. With over 200 parts for each automatic chicken door, this can be a challenge to manage. The implementation of a new BOM (Bill of Materials) management system has helped immensely.

The old BOM management system was very time consuming to operate and inefficient in providing meaningful insights into manufacturing requirements.

The new system auto-magically retrieves customer orders and supports the manufacturing workflow necessary for rapid order fulfillment and efficient operations.

The Best Automatic Chicken Doors at the Best Prices.

As a result of reduced raw materials, parts and labor costs in addition to business efficiencies realized due to their new BOM management system, Coop Tender® has rolled back prices. You can get your Internet Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Chicken Door at pre-2020 prices.

When the next price increase will occur is difficult to determine. Lumber is the largest single material expense for Coop Tender® Automatic Coop Doors. Another 100% or greater jump in lumber cost would be enough to trigger a price increase.

Coop Tender® is a family owned and operated business. You can be assured that everything from order to post-delivery customer service is taken very seriously. A glance through Real Automatic Chicken Door Reviews will help to fortify this notion.

If you have never owned an automatic chicken door, we ask you to consider Coop Tender® for your automatic coop door needs. Coop Tender® doors are a complete solution: door frame, door, solid steel worm drive, powerful gear motor and advanced electronic controller. Many other solutions are not complete solutions and may not be as dependable.

If you have owned an automatic door solution before and are considering a new one, please consider Coop Tender® Automatic Chicken Doors. Manufactured since 2014 with many updates and improvements implemented since then to make their doors the highest quality, durable, dependable and easy to install automatic chicken door on the market.

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