Automatic chicken door predator motion detection module.

Predator Detection at its Finest

When night falls and your chickens seek shelter in their coop, predators often come snooping around. We want your chickens to be safe in their coop. This is why we’ve developed our Coop Tender Predator Motion Sensor. This accessory works with any of our automatic doors equipped with our Wi-Fi Module. How does the sensor work?

How Does it Work?

Our Predator Motion Detection Module uses an infrared light detector to view objects in the darkest conditions. Anything that gives off body heat will be visible to the motion detector. Should a predator come close to your coop, the motion detector will pick up the movement and send a notification to your smartphone. You can turn off the notifications if you’re concerned about being woken up in the middle of the night.

Does it Drive Off Predators?

Knowing that your chickens are in danger is useful, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t take steps to drive the predators away. If motion is detected, the module will activate flashing red lights at the top of the module to drive predators away. The lights will continue to flash for 30 seconds.

Where Does it Fit?

The Predator Motion Detection Module should be mounted near your coop entrance to provide your coop with the most coverage. Ideally, the Module should be placed 3 feet from ground level and should out towards the yard, away from your coop.

Does Weather Matter?

Our Motion Detection Module is designed to withstand regular weather variations, including rain, snow, and heat. Be sure to keep the sensor clear of dirt and debris for best results.

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