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We Support Humane Farming Methods

We love chickens here at Coop Tender, which is why we stand by our product and offer an easy solution to keeping free-range chickens without the constant work of letting them in and out of the chicken coop. For each one of our automatic coop doors that we sell, we donate one percent of the profits to Certified Humane®, an organization dedicated to the welfare of farm animals across the world. We believe that every animal should be able to live a happy, healthy life and our feathered friends are no different. Here’s a bit of background on Certified Humane.

What They Do

Certified Humane works to educate farmers and consumers about ethical and humane farming practices. This involves advising farmers on how to improve conditions for their livestock and helping consumers make educated decisions regarding food purchases.

What They Require

Certified Humane requires all participating chicken farmers to avoid the use of cages and crates. They require that all chickens be able to move naturally. This includes:

  • Stretching and flapping their wings
  • Dust bathing
  • Scratching and pecking

Certified Humane requires that chickens receive high-quality, nutritious feed every day. Approved food cannot contain animal by-products or additional growth hormones and antibiotics. All chickens must be able to feed throughout the day and should have access to fresh water at all times. While conventional practices allow for the cessation of feeding to induce a molting period, Certified Humane farmers are strictly prohibited from the practice.

Free-range hens are required to have access to the outdoors with multiple exits in the chicken coop. These hens should have access to live vegetation in the outdoor area with a minimum size of 2.5 acres per one thousand chickens.

We’re proud to support the welfare efforts of Certified Humane and want to help you raise the happiest chickens possible. If you have questions about our automatic chicken coop doors or coop door accessories, contact us today!

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