Boy giving treats to chickens.

What do Chickens Teach Kids?

Growing up on a farm is always an enriching experience, teaching responsibility, the value of hard work, and the importance of caring for others, whether animal or human. Sadly, not everyone is fortunate enough to have livestock right outside their front door, but more and more people are starting to invest in backyard chicken coops, creating their own urban farming paradise right in the heart of the city. While your child won’t have to pitch hay down from a hayloft, teaching them to care for your backyard flock can instill a number of important lessons that can shape the way they see the world.

Where the Food Comes From

Most people start raising chickens for the purpose of having a steady supply of eggs. While your neighbors might be of the opinion that their eggs come from the supermarket, your kids will learn to understand the hard work producing food involves, giving them a better appreciation of where their food comes from and the importance of the agricultural industry.


Even at a young age, your kids can be actively involved in raising chickens. Teaching them to feed and water the hens on a daily basis instills a sense of ownership and pride in their backyard coop. Over time, they’ll build a relationship with the hens and start to feel responsible for their care and wellbeing. This sense of responsibility can carry into all other aspects of their life, from school and sports teams to family and, eventually, their career.  

The Cycle of Life

While no one likes to think about their hens growing old, it does happen. The experience of caring for and losing a friend teaches kids about the cycle of life in a very easily understood way. They’ll gain an appreciation for living things and learn to see that even the simplest creature is a living being. But most importantly, they’ll learn that it’s okay to lose someone you love and still go about your life.

Teaching your kids how to handle and care for chickens can be a wonderful way to help them gain an appreciation for hard work and responsibility. Make the chores a bit easier with an automatic chicken coop door from Coop Tender and know that your chickens are safe inside their coop.

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