Automatic Chicken Coop Door Solar Module

Take your automatic chicken coop door "off the grid".  With our solar module, you can run your automatic chicken coop door with energy from the sun.

The solar panel consists of an array of panels providing 15 Watts of charging power to the 12 Volt SLA battery. Coop Tender controls the battery charge so that it does not overcharge or charge too quickly.

Solar panel comes un-mounted.  It may be mounted to the mounting board of your coop door if it faces south, or install in a suitable south-facing location.

Coop Tender incorporates a built-in charge controller to ensure that battery overcharging does not occur. 

Easily monitor the battery with Coop Tender's status display and "view at a distance" status lights.

Battery charged low discharged

12 Volt 5Ah SLA Backup Battery is included.  The battery fits inside of the controller compartment and will run the door for up to 1 week without being charged.

Solar Operation Notes:
  1. WiFi Module consumes additional 40 milliAmps of power
  2. 15 Watt solar panel + 12 Volt 5Ah SLA battery sufficient to operate the system in most parts of the U.S.*

*See the Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map below to check average Irradiance (solar energy) available in your location. The map shows a gradient color coded chart with 9 levels of Irradiance measured in kWh/M2/Day. If you are located in an area which receives 4.4 kWh/m2/Day or less, you may need to add a second solar panel to increase surface area of energy collection.

NREL Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map

In the map above, the light yellow color gradient represents an area with low solar energy. The following link will take you to a PDF version of the map directly from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website:

Chicken Door Solar Module Specifications

Dimensions 14 in wide  x 13 in high x 1 in thick
Frame Material Aluminum
Volts output 17 volts
Power output  15 watts

What's Included:

  • 15 Watt Solar Panel
  • 12 Volt 5Ah SLA Battery

Mounting hardware not included

Solar panel has 4 holes on the back of the frame which allows for a variety of mounting options.  You can make your own mounting brackets out of wood or purchase mounting hardware from your local hardware store.

Below are some mounting hardware suggestions on Amazon which cover almost any mounting situation you may encounter:
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Solar Module Installation Instructions: