New and Improved Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Shipping Now

We have spent the past 4 years refining our automatic coop door product. You can read about some of the updates which we incorporated into our products by viewing Our Automatic Coop Door Quality Commitment.

We continue to improve our products.  Early in 2018, we incorporated a "power boost" module into our solar operated doors.  This enabled our doors to run on even lower battery voltage, providing even longer operation during extended periods of cloudy and rainy days. Based on the success of the power boost module on our solar operated doors, we began installing them on all doors.

More recently, our woodshop manager engineered a solution to a problem which was affecting about 1% of the doors, excessive door warp - inhibiting proper operation.

Although switching from common to select grade lumber in early 2017 greatly reduced the incidents of excessive door warp, the owner did not consider a 1% defect rate to be acceptable. 

Each door we manufacture now have braces built onto the door to prevent excessive warping.

We, and many of our customers, believe that we have designed and manufacture the best automatic chicken coop door you can buy.  There simply isn't another auto coop door product which can provide you with such a comprehensive list of features as what we offer.

  • Fully programmable Dusk to Dawn and Schedule operation modes. Comes pre-programmed with default settings which work for most chickens - out of the box.
  • Poultry Freeze Protect keeps your investment / pet chickens safe during dangerously cold winter temperatures
  • At-A-Glance LED status lights - check status of your door from a distance at night
  • LCD Status Display - easy to read door operation status messages (door control settings, voltage, ambient light, temperature, date-time).
  • Keypad menu provides for operation and changing door programming with simple navigation and settings updates.
  • Solid select grade 1 inch dimensional lumber construction - no plywood.
  • Treated with a non-toxic wood treatment which deters insects and prevents rot.  Never needs to be reapplied - may be painted or stained if desired.
  • Solid steel worm / screw drive.  True "lockdown" prevents predators from entering the coop at night. Bears can't even open the door when it is closed.
  • Low voltage microcontroller technology allows for solar coop door operation with optional coop door solar module.
  • Internet Enabled (Coop Door Internet Wi-Fi radio module sold separately). 
    • Monitor, control and program your door from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and web browser with our proprietary Universal Web App.
    • Receive SMS and or email alerts from your door.
    • View status charts (door status, battery voltage, daylight value, temperature).
    • Monitor and control multiple doors
  • Easy to Install
    • Make rectangular cutout in coop 
    • Slide door into cutout
    • Use 4 included screws to screw mounting board to outside of coop
  • "Plug-and-Play"
    • Install Door
    • Plug it in
    • Turn it on
  • Generous 1 year warranty
    • If something does happen to go wrong, we can normally send any required parts to you along with installation instructions
    • Our repair shop is always available to repair your door, even if it is out of warranty.  During warranty, you enjoy labor, parts and return shipping at no cost to you.

On a final note, we are aware of the fact that there are some less than favorable reviews out there in cyberspace.  For those customers who felt compelled to take the time to write their version of the experience, we are very sorry.  We have done our best through the years to provide the highest quality product and support available for any automatic chicken coop door.  

We have manufactured and delivered thousands of doors and coop management accessories across the US, Canada and Europe.  This was achieved with a very minimal staff and no outside investors. 

Our many satisfied customers are the key to our business growth over the past 4 years.  We are grateful for all of you.





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