Automatic Chicken Coop Door Control Panel Assembly

Our Automatic Chicken Coop Door Control Panel Assembly contains the brains behind Coop Tender.  This is the most complicated portion of any chicken coop door since it incorporates custom electronics and software engineering.

If you're handy building things from wood, then the Coop Tender Faceplate Electronics Assembly will give you a huge head start in completing your own automatic chicken coop door project.

This Control Panel Assembly is a direct replacement for our automatic chicken doors - all models (CT-001, CT-002, CT-003, CT-003A, CT-004, CT-004A, CT-005)

Key Features

  • Easily incorporates into your own DIY automatic chicken coop door
  • DC 12 Volt powered
  • Ultra-low power consumption - will run for up to 1 week from optional backup battery
  • 1 year manufacturer's limited warranty
  • LED alert status indicators for chicken door and battery charge level
  • LCD provides constant status messages
  • Keypad input for programming system settings
  • Manual door override in case you need to open or close the coop door

Automatic Chicken Door Controller Specifications

Power consumption (idle) 40mA
Power consumption (power-save mode) 20mA
Power consumption (chicken door opening or closing) Depends on door drive solution implemented - Max 1 Amp
Overall dimensions 13 inches wide x 4 1/4 inches high x ~2 inches deep
  • Metal faceplate
Operating temperature -40° F to 185° F
Input Voltage 12 Volts DC

What's included  

  • Pre-assembled Coop Tender automatic chicken door micro-controller circuit board
  • Metal Faceplate 
  • LCD Display - System status messages
  • Keypad -System programming
  • LED status lights - At-a-Glance Coop Tender, Battery, Charge and Door status
  • Temperature module - freeze protect and temperature based warnings
  • Clock module - control schedule based automatic coop door operation
  • Light sensor - control dawn-to-dusk based automatic coop door operation

You supply

  • Motor or other drive mechanism to open and close the door
  • Limit switches - hooked to 3 wires on the controller (common, door closed, door open)
  • Door assembly - your own mechanical invention 
  • 12 Volt power supply
  • Enclosure for the assembly 

Please feel free to contact us for more information.  We'll be glad to help.

Removal and Installation Instructions:


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Worked perfect.

Overall I am happy with the purchase, as noted on the Title it worked. The only difficulty was the 6 versus 12 pin connector. My old unit has two 6 pin and the new one has a single 12 pin. I figured out how to pop out the wires and reuse my 6 pin so no problem but others may not be able to or want to do that. An adapter would be nice as an option (may there is on and I just missed it). Again, very happy with the results.

Richard L.
United States United States

Great Product &n Customer Service

This review is for the automatic door control but we wanted to let everyone know we love the Automatic Chicken Coop Door itself. We did have to replace the Automatic Chicken Coop Door Control after about a year, but that wasn't a big problem for us since the automatic door is everything we hope for. The control is very easy to install/replace. The folks at Coop Tender are wonderful to work with, very responsive, and offer advice to get you up and running again in no time. Also, the shipping was very fast.

Janice K.
United States United States

excellent customer service

It is so refreshing to call a company and be able to talk to someone who knows the product inside out and can immediately help you with any question or problem you may have. The customer service is by far the best I’ve ever experienced from any company. Thank you Coop Tender for a great product and standing behind it.

Cristanne M.
United States United States

Repaired coop tender

Easy install thanks coop tender

James L.
United States United States

Great customer service

It’s been life changing. Provides a sense of security know our chickens are safe.

United States United States


Very good product Very good to work with

United States United States

Replacement Board

Good,just wish I could have received it sooner.

Dan W.
United States United States

Replacement due to lightning strike

Easy to switch out following instructions.

Larry M.
United States United States

Always attentive

They’re very customer oriented and always attentive.

Steve W.
United States United States

Great Customer Service

This is our second coop. We can’t live without it! What I love the most is Jim’s customer service. We had a glitch and he worked with me until we figured it out!

Debbie W.
United States United States

happy chickens

great easy to work with

Garfield W.
United States United States

Love the Coop Tender!

It works great. The chickens love it and I know they are safe at night. When I had questionsI got them answered in a timely manner.

Susan V.
United States

Door Contoller

The increased power function is just what was needed to open and close the door.

United States

Coop tender

Had some issues but customer service was outstanding In solving them promptly. Highly recommend

Zach C.
United States

Control Panel replacement

A new control panel solved my issues. Thanks!

Richard N.
United States

New coop door control panel

The new coop door control panel was super easy to install- I did it myself instead of waiting for my husband. It's working like a charm and I appreciate not having to close the coop at night in this snow! Thanks for a great product!

Peggy G.
United States

I"ll admit to having some

I"ll admit to having some issues at the beginning and almost throwing in the towel but with some emails and parts sent to me the issue was fixed. I learned that where I live (Western Washington State) I just don't get enough sunlight in the winter to use the solar panel by itself for power. I can live with that. Other than that I am very happy with the Coop tender.

Carl N.
United States

Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Coop Tender

We are very sorry that you were unable to operate your door entirely from solar energy in your area. You are in one of the areas of the U.S. in which solar energy is the lowest on the solar energy scale. We took your issue very seriously. Our engineers focused on the charge controller built into our control panel electronics and designed and update which can harvest more energy from sun in a shorter period. It was determined that the 10-watt solar panel was powerful enough, but some of the energy generated from the solar panel was not being utilized efficiently to recharge the battery. I am happy to report that the electronics update has basically doubled the amount of energy which is available to charging the battery and has reduced the amount of direct afternoon sunlight needed to an average of 2 to 3 hours per day. Prior to the update, 4 to 5 hours per day was recommended.


Fast Shipping

Our control panel was damaged by lightning. The replacement arrived in just a few days, freeing us up to not have to be home at dusk.

Larry M.
United States

Everything is Great

The control panel was easy to install and fixed the problem with the door right away. Everything is working great once again. We just love the Coop Tender Automatic Chicken Coop Door, wouldn't have chickens without it; it puts them to roost safely at dusk and let's them out when the sun rises and we don't have to do a thing.

Janice K.
United States

Great Door

Door is great, communication excellent while troubleshooting internet issue.


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