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Automatic Chicken Door Serviceability and Right to Repair

Right to Repair has been a hot topic recently. The topic is mainly focused on high-tech integrations into numerous products from iPhones to farm tractors.

The Right to Repair concept is simple: if you own the product, you have the right to repair it. The problem is that many manufactures have made it difficult or impossible to repair their products.

We at Coop Tender® have always believed that you should have access to information necessary to troubleshoot and repair your automatic chicken door. We also designed our auto coop door to allow access to most major components without the need to uninstall the door.

Detailed information on how Coop Tender ® Automatic Chicken Doors are manufactured is provided in posts “DIY Automatic Chicken Door – Part 1” and “DIY Automatic Chicken Door – Part 2 – Electronics”.

Details regarding our automatic chicken door design concept and construction method with materials and assembly diagrams enable one to see how the door is manufactured, allowing one to “do it yourself” if necessary.

Automatic Chicken Door Troubleshooting articles may be accessed instantaneously online. This enables our customers to have access to troubleshooting information 24 hours a day.

In most cases repair parts are not necessary. For example: Cleaning the worm drive about once a year is one of the only maintenance requirements of the Coop Tender ® Automatic Chicken Door. If not completed, the door may not open fully or at all. The solution only requires WD-40, a Phillips screwdriver and a towel. Those who check the Coop Tender ® Help Center online will have access to this simple DIY solution.

DIY Parts for your automatic chicken door are available online. Additionally, a browser link to part replacement and installation instructions are available for each part online. Printed instructions are always included with all replacement parts which are ordered.

Thankfully, Coop Tender® has implemented manufacturing updates and quality control measures which have worked to eliminate failures. From material selection to parts acquisition, everything has been scrutinized and optimized to provide the highest quality, most dependable automatic chicken door on the market.

If your automatic chicken door needs service and you do not wish to affect the repair, Coop Tender ® offers repair service for their products in and out of warranty. Warranty repairs are at no cost to the customer except for shipping to the product to our repair center. Out of warranty repairs are charged at a flat rate $20 labor + parts and shipping. The goal is to provide cost effective, quality repair service for our products.

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