Annual Wi-Fi Module Cloud Service Subscription

Coop Tender® Annual Data Service Subscription.

What’s Included

  • Wi-Fi Radio Module activation, setup, allocation, and hosting service
  • SMS and email door status and alert notifications
  • Key Metric data storage
    • Wi-Fi signal strength
    • Door status
    • Power / battery voltage
    • Coop temperature
    • Ambient daylight value
  • Data access and transmission
    • Key Metric historic data
    • Real-time metrics and data
  • Universal Web App™
    • Mobile Optimized – access from any mobile device or computer with an Internet connection and browser.
    • Remote Door Programming and settings maintenance
    • Remote Door Operation
    • Key Metric charts
  • Firmware updates
  • Technical support

Costs Covered with a Cloud Service Subscription

Your Coop Tender Wi-Fi Cloud Service Subscription covers the costs which are incurred with each module for hosting, data, and messaging.

Subscription Billing

Subscriptions are automatically billed to the payment method associated with your subscription.

Purchase of a Coop Tender® Internet Wi-Fi Module or an Automatic Chicken Door bundle which includes the Internet Wi-Fi Module receives 1 year of free Cloud Services.

Each subsequent year will be billed at the yearly subscription rate of $19.99.

Customers may choose a monthly subscription billing rate of $1.99/month after the initial 1-year period by contacting us.

Cloud Service Subscription Cancellation

Cancel at any time by contacting us with your cancellation request.

Subscription Requirements

The following hardware components are required:

One Cloud Services Subscription is required for each Internet Wi-Fi Module in operation.

Additional Cloud Services Subscriptions are offered at a discounted price.


Annual Cloud Services
initial cost USD 0.00 each