Automatic Turkey Door With Battery Backup

Coop Tender® Automatic Turkey Door is a fusion of time-honored wood craftsmanship and ultra-sophisticated micro-controller, computer software and Internet technology. 

Automatically opens your coop door at dawn and securely closes it at dusk, or schedule door open and close times!

Programmable coop door controller: Program custom options, adjust settings and manually override your door.

Automatic Turkey Door is constructed with solid 1 inch dimensional lumber.  Select grade pine lumber is treated with an environmentally safe, non-toxic treatment which lasts a lifetime and never needs to be re-applied!

At-A-Glance Status LED Lights make it easy to check the status of your coop door from hundreds of feet away in the dark. ;

Our Turkey Door has all of the same features as our Automatic Chicken Coop Doors with a larger opening (12 inches x 12 inches) to accommodate turkeys and larger chicken breads like Jersey Giants, Brahmas and Cochins

Key Turkey Door Features:

  • Automatically Opens and Closes your Coop Door
  • Dawn to Dusk or Schedule door open and close times
  • Internet Enabled - Internet Wi-Fi module sold separately. 
  • 100% predator proof!  Have peace of mind knowing that your hens are safe at night. Door cannot be opened by raccoons, cougars, bobcats, mink, coyotes, opossums, skunks or any other nighttime predator
  • Freeze Protect - door stays closed when it's too cold outside - Programmable
  • Programmable dawn and dusk settings - alter coop door closure based on your poultry’s habits
  • Program Time Schedule automated operation as an option
  • Computer driven digital timer control eliminates frozen mechanical components in winter
  • Works in almost any chicken coop door opening - 15 inch wide x 30 1/2 inch high footprint
  • Operates in any position, vertical, horizontal and everything in between
  • No strings or cableconsistently and reliably opens and closes your coop door without tangles, kinks or binding.
  • Coop Tender automatic coop door does not need to be installed level
  • Simple installation.  Most installations only require a screwdriver
  • Easily override your coop door by entering the Coop Tender user menu and selecting open, close or stop door menu selections.
  • Fully assembled.  Nothing to put together.
  • 1 inch dimensional select grade lumber - no plywood
Included in your Coop Tender Turkey Door:
  • Automatic Coop Door Controller
  • Coop Door and Frame
  • Temperature Module
  • AC Power Cord
  • Mounting Panel
  • Mounting Screws
  • Backup Battery - will run your door for up to 1 week in case of a power outage

Automatic Turkey Door Specifications:

Input Voltage

85 - 264 Volts AC (Electric Operation)

12 - 19 Volts DC (Solar Operation)

DC Power consumption (idle) 0.36 Watts (30mA) @ 12VDC
DC Power consumption (power save mode) 0.24 Watts (20mA) @ 12VDC
DC Power consumption (chicken door opening or closing) 1.2 - 1.4 Watts(100mA-120mA) @ 12VDC
Automatic Turkey Door cutout dimensions 30 1/2 inches high x 15 inches wide
Automatic Turkey Door overall dimensions 30 1/2 inches high x 19 inches wide x 5 5/16 inches deep
Coop door opening dimensions 12 inches high x 12 inches wide
  • 1 inch dimensional solid lumber – no plywood
  • Brushed aluminum metal faceplate
  • Solid steel worm drive
Backup battery (Optional) 12 Volt, 5Ah
Solar Panel (Optional) 18 Volts 10 Watts
Drive mechanism solid steel worm / screw drive
DC motor 12 Volts
Door opening time ~1 minute
Door closing time ~1 minute 
Operating temperature -40 to +185 ℉

$ 369.97

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