Chicken Coop Door Predator Motion Detection Module

Actively deters predators and alerts you of their presence!

Coop Tender Predator Motion Sensor Module automatically arms when the door is closed.   Connects through the Coop Tender Internet Wi-Fi Module to allow configuration and receive SMS and eMail alerts when Predator Motion is detected!

When predator motion is sensed, the system goes into Predator Alert Mode:
  • Lights on module flash red |         O         | for 30 seconds - working to scare potential predators away
  • Activates "Security Light": Integrates with the Coop Tender Accessory and Heat Control Module. Automatically switches the Security Light on for 1 minute - the bright light will further scare the predator away
  • Sends SMS and eMail Predator Motion Alerts - informing you that your hens might be in danger!


Coop Tender Internet Wi-Fi Module

How it Works:

Our Chicken Coop Door Predator Motion Detection Module measures infrared light radiating from objects within its field of view.  The charts below provide a graphical representation of the field of view. 


 coop door predator motion sensor detection chart

"All objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit heat energy in the form of radiation.  usually this radiation is invisible to the human eye because it radiates at infrared wavelengths, but it can be detected by electronic devices" 1  

Motion is detected by sensing the infrared energy given off by a predator. Each time motion is sensed within the view field of the module, it triggers software algorithms embedded within the Internet Wi-Fi Module firmware code to trigger Predator Alert Mode.

Predator Motion Detection Module Mounting:

Mount the Predator Motion Detection Module on the front of your door, or in another suitable location near the coop door entrance.  A mounting board is supplied so that you may simply screw the board in with two screws to mount.

Internet Wi-Fi Connect:

The Predator Motion Detection Module is driven by our Coop Door Internet Wi-Fi Module. Log into the Web App to check Predator Motion Detection Status and adjust settings.



3 1/2” L x 1 1/2” W x 3/4” H

Case material ABS Plastic

Input Voltage

3.3 Volts DC


Download the Chicken Coop Door Predator Motion Detector Manual:


 automatic chicken coop door predator motion sensor user manual

1 "Passive Infrared Sensor." Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, n.d. Web. 19 Jan. 2016.

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