Automatic Chicken Door + Solar Module Bundle

Coop Tender® Internet WiFi Enabled Solar Automatic Chicken Coop Door is a fusion of advanced micro-controller electronics, solid steel drive and time-honored wood craftsmanship. 

Suitable for standard, exotic and heritage backyard chicken breeds. For large chicken breeds such as Brahma, Jersey Giant, and Cochin, consider the Large Automatic Chicken Door..

Door operates with power generated from the sun.

Automatically opens your coop door at dawn and securely closes it at dusk, or schedule door open and close times!

Programmable door controller: Program custom options, adjust settings and manually override your door.

Automatic Coop Door is constructed with solid 1 inch dimensional lumber. Indoor / Outdoor rated select grade pine lumber is treated with an environmentally safe, non-toxic treatment which lasts a lifetime and never needs to be re-applied!

At-A-Glance Status LED Lights make it easy to check the status of your coop door from a distance in the dark. ;

Key Chicken Coop Door Features:

  • Automatically Opens and Closes your Coop Door
  • Solar operated: 15 Watt solar panel + 12 Volt 5 Ah battery 
  • Three modes of operation: Dawn-to-Dusk (A.K.A. Dusk-to-Dawn), Schedule, or Manual
  • Internet Enabled - Internet Wi-Fi module sold separately. 
  • Freeze Protect - door stays closed when it's too cold outside
  • Programmable dawn and dusk delays - delay opening and closing for any amount of time (1 minute to 10 hours).
  • Computer driven digital control eliminates frozen mechanical components in winter
  • Solid Steel Acme threaded screw drive: True door lockdown. Predators are not able to open it when it is closed.
  • Simple installation.  Slide door into cutout in coop, secure with 4 mounting screws (included).
  • Manual Control:  Open and close the door manually using the keypad menu. With the optional Wi-Fi module, use the Universal Web App remote control.
  • 1 inch dimensional lumber construction - Outdoor rated select grade pine 
  • 100% predator proof!  Have peace of mind knowing that your hens are safe at night. Door cannot be opened by raccoons, cougars, bobcats, mink, coyotes, opossums, skunks or any other nighttime predator
  • Fully assembled

Energy Efficient - Solar Chicken Door Operation:

Our coop door controller is designed to be highly energy efficient, permitting operation by using solar power from the sun.

At its core, Coop Tender Auto Coop Door runs on 12 Volts DC.  Our door controllers come standard capable of running from standard household AC electricity, or from a 12 Volt DC power source.

An AC to DC power converter is built into our coop door controllers which converts your AC electricity to DC voltage.  The AC power consumption is highly efficient at 1 Watt. DC power consumption is less than 50 milliAmps at 12 volts DC.

Battery Backup: Install a 12 Volt 5 Amp-hour SLA DC Battery in the door controller - should electric power fail, the battery will run your door for about 5 days, until your electricity is restored.

A battery charger / maintainer is built into our coop door controllers. When AC power is restored, the backup battery is recharged. 

Solar Operation: Connecting a solar panel allows for Coop Door operation without AC electricity. A 15 Watt solar panel combined with the backup battery above will run your door without AC electricity.  The solar panel will provide power even in low-light situations until full sunlight is available.  Three to four hours of sunlight per day is sufficient to charge and maintain the battery during solar door operation.

[semi-technical] DC power consumption is highly efficient at less than 50 milliamps.  If system voltage gets low, the door controller will go into power save mode which utilizes about 20 milliamps, preserving power until enough sunlight is available to recharge.

Solar Automatic Chicken Door Specifications:

Input Voltage

85 - 264 Volts AC (Electric Operation)

12 - 19 Volts DC (Solar Operation)

AC Power consumption

1 Watt

DC Power consumption (idle)

40mA @ 12VDC

DC Power consumption (power save mode)

20mA @ 12VDC

DC Power consumption (chicken door opening or closing)

150mA-300mA @ 12VDC

Max Charging Power


Automatic Chicken Door cutout dimensions

26 1/2 inches high x 13 1/2 inches wide

Automatic Chicken Door overall dimensions

26 1/2 inches high x 17 1/2 inches wide x 5 5/16 inches deep

Coop door opening dimensions

10 inches high x 10 inches wide


  • Select grade pine rated indoor/outdoor treated with non-toxic lifetime treatment
  • Brushed aluminum metal faceplate
  • 5/8 inch Solid steel Acme threaded screw drive

Drive mechanism

solid steel worm / screw drive

DC motor

12 Volts

Door opening time

~1 minute

Door closing time

~1 minute 

Operating temperature

-20 to +185 ℉

Solar Operation Notes:
15 Watt solar panel + 12 Volt 5Ah SLA battery sufficient to operate the system in most parts of the U.S.See the Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map below to check average Irradiance (solar energy) available in your location. The map shows a gradient color coded chart with 9 levels of Irradiace measured in kWh/M2/Day.

If you live in a light-yellow area on the map, or the area typically receives less than 4.9 kWh/m2/day, it may be necessary to connect a second or larger battery.NREL Direct Normal Solar Irradiance map

In the map above, the light yellow color gradient represents an area with low solar energy. The following link will take you to a PDF version of the map directly from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) website:

Included in your Automatic Chicken Door Solar Bundle:

419.98 479.99

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Great Quality Door

We have been using our coop door for several months now. We bought one with a solar panel. We have been very impressed with the quality and function of our door. It was really easy to figure out how to install and operate it. I love that we can look out the window and see whether the light is green or red to know if it is open or closed. We did no training with our chickens to get them to go in and out of it. I love how slowly the door closes. With the summer heat we haven’t had any trouble with the function of the door. I read reviews for several other have trouble getting stuck with expansion and contraction of the doors with temperature/season changes. We have recommended this coop door to several people.

Lyndi M.
United States

Over all I love it.

I’ve had worm screw issues……. I’ve had to open up the backside twice to align the worm screw and it’s brand new. Customer service was very very helpful. My only other complaint would be the off/on button is on the opposite side of the unit than the controls, so you have to go in and out of the coop to reset things. One more thing, don’t buy the solar panel bracket suggested on the website, it’s major overkill. Should of done my homework.

Julia P.
United States United States

It's great!

Really like it, easy install, the price seemed high though. It's working great, not a hitch, easy instructions.

United States United States

Really happy with this purchase!

Installed this on a newly built coop. Has been in use for about a week now (so i cant speak for durability, but certainly feels very sturdy). Fairly easy install. Super reliable and the chickens have had zero issues with it. I was worried that there is no delayed re-opening in case any of the chickens weren't inside by dusk (as some other doors offer), but the door moves slowly and all the chickens are inside well before the door closes. No concern about predators with this door. All in all, very happy with this purchase despite the price tag. I may upgrade to the wi-fi connectivity if I eventually have wi-fi signal where the coop is located.

United States United States

Best automated door!

We love this product, although it takes a little double checking to make sure it closes at night. If debris is present, it won’t close. Very high quality construction.

Erica V.
United States United States

Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Coop Tender

More specifically, if debris is present, the door still closes, but it may not close far enough to trigger the "door closed" limit switch which notifies the door controller that the door is closed. Your chickens are still safe and the door will re-open in the morning as it should. If you do notice the Door Status light blinking red (door status unkwown), debris blocking the bottom of the door is the most likely cause.


Happy chickens

Only had it for a month, seams to be working flawlessly. I would love to be asked in a year what my thoughts are. But so far so good. The people in the office have been easy to deal with. Great experience so far.

Steve F.
United States United States

Coop Tender Automatic Solar Poultry door

Very good product overall- works as stated. Easy to install. Make sure to download the operator’s manual. When I first got it, the screw drive ran but door didn’t open. I opened the back and discovered that a small cotter pin had fallen out - probabably during shipping. I replaced it with one of my own. IMO the cotter pin was too small for The job. Other than that - great product. I recommend painting or sealing the wood on the exterior as my is already showing weathering after a short time.

Teresa F.
United States United States

I bought one last year and lost it in a fire-really liked the 1 st one-very useful and worked great, This new one has not yet been installed but trust it will be a must have like the 1st one

United States United States

Having some trouble

Hi, I’m having some trouble with one of my 2 coop tender doors. The door opens about a third of the way and stops. The board still says “ Opening door“, end it remains that way practically forever. When I put an electrical tester on the wires just before the motor, there appears to be 12 V. But the motor is not turning. When I hook up an external battery source, the motor works perfectly. Can’t seem to make a lot of sense out of that. The worm drive is clean and good. Checked the wires very carefully. But the same thing always happens. Any thoughts? Otherwise I need to order another door or something. Can I order another door and send this one back to you guys to check out? I don’t want to throw it away. I would rather make whatever repairs necessary and keep it and have it on hand. The whole thing is not bad. But somethings going on with it. It is plugged into 110 power. So I don’t think it’s an amperage issue. Please advise. Thank you! Matt Schaltenbrand Cell 678-525-9953

Amanda S.
United States United States

Works Great

Easy to install - once I got the programming figured out - which was easy ~ works great !

United States United States

Makes life so easy, and the girls love it!

Very simple to install and worked immediately. This has been a wonderful addition to our coop and makes caring for the chickens that much easier.

Michelle R.
United States United States

Coop tender

This is our second coop tender, last one lasted 4 years. We would purchase a controller for the first, so we have 2 doors, but the controller alone is 1/2 the Price Of the whole door.

United States United States

Great door and service

The door was easy to install and immediately began working great. The control panel is user friendly and simple to program if you choose to alter the preprogrammed settings. My only issue was with the battery not holding a charge, but this problem has been fixed. The battery started draining too quickly once the days shortened here in Wisconsin and a series of cloudy weeks occurred, I found myself having to run an extension cord out to the door to recharge the battery several times a week. After consulting with Jim, he had a replacement control panel sent. Since the new control panel was installed, the battery has been holding a charge beautifully. If I build another coop, I would definitely order this same door. I love knowing my hens are safe at night and not experiencing flashes of panick anymore if I'm not home before dark to lock them up myself. I also love looking out my window and seeing our hens out of their coop and enjoying the morning sun while I'm enjoying my coffee. Very easy to use and I greatly appreciated the good customer service.


Great chicken door!

Installation was easy and door has been working for a couple weeks without issues. One note on solar panel and battery - I installed the door and had it running on battery for several days before I hooked up the solar panel. When I turned on the panel switch, everything went dark. It was a cloudy day and apparently the battery had also completely run out of juice. Working with Jim, I learned if the battery is discharged fully the unit cannot charge via the solar panel. I plugged an extension cord into the door to charge the battery and everything has worked fine since. Thanks Jim for the insightful help!

United States

Automatic Chicken Coop Door - Coop Tender

I’m glad that we were able to help. The batteries are factory fresh when we ship them but can lose charge over time. The solar panel will recharge the battery if it receives enough direct sunlight. If battery voltage is very low (less than 11 volts), 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight may be necessary. If you plan to operate your automatic coop door with solar power, we recommend that you install the battery, plug it in and switch it on for a few hours to fully charge the battery. You can do this in the convenience of your home and it will give you the opportunity to learn how to use the keypad menu and features of your new door.


Simply amazing!!!

Freedom and safety equals peace of mind! Thank you Jim for your extraordinary customer support!

United States

Amazing !

Was easy to install and works flawlessly !! Love this coop door !!!

Chris S.
United States

Extremely Satisfied

Set up was easy and for three months now I believe the door has functioned flawlessly . Extremely satisfied . Greta prosuct

Zach C.
United States

Great product and great customer

Great product and great customer service.

United States

Happy Chickens

Works Great!!!!!!

Bill Y.
United States

Automatic Door opener

Bought this for my husband for Christmas. He absolutely loves it. The girls are even happier that they don't have to wait for him in the mornings anymore. Great product and exactly what we were hoping for.

United States

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